Hello Friends Most welcome to this post of my Blog . In this post We are going to discuss some of the puzzles, quizzes , riddles, challenges and brain teaser which are viral in social media such as Face book ,whats app, twitter and Google + etc. which are based on Mathematics directly or indirectly . You also have seen such types of problems mentioned 99.9% Fail , Solve if you are genius like this...

Let us try to discuss and solve some of these Puzzles one by one.

Puzzle #1 

2 = 6
3 = 12
4 = 20
5 = 30
6 = 42
then 9 = ?
In this problem two steps are missing 
7= ?
8 = ?
and directly asked how 9 = ?


How 2 is related to 6 , in the same manners 3 is related to 12 and 4 is also related to 20  and so on.

If we  multiply   2 with its successor ( the immediate  next number) i.e. 3 then we get 2×3 = 6,  Similarly  multiply 3 with its successor 4 we get 3 ×4 =12 ,4×5 =20  and 5 ×6 =30 ,6×7=42 and ( and the missed numbers 7×8=56,8×9=72 ) 

and finally we have a formula for this quiz which is (a)×(a+1) ,where  "a" is given number.

The required answer    is 9 ×10 = 90

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Now let us move to little bit harder problem below

Puzzle #2

Look at this problem , To solve such types of puzzles ,1st of all do not count "+" ,"-" or any mathematical sign as it appears. i.e in such puzzles + does not means addition and also  - do not means subtraction. we our self have to make a formula to satisfies given results and conditions we have to perform such mathematical  operations whose result must be the number given in the right side .
So if we add 20+20 which is 40 and then divide it with 10 we shall get 4,

Similarly So if we add 15+15 which is 30 and then divide it with 10 we shall get 3,
so at last if we add 30+15 which is 45 and then divide it with 10 we shall get   4.5  as answer.

So the formula for this quiz is a+b =  (a+b)/10
---------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ -----------------------

Puzzle # 3 

Here it is given that 6+9 =61
5+8 = 46
4+7 = 33
3+6 = 22
2+1 = Missing
1+4 = ?
Most of peoples forget to understand that one step has been left intentionally to  make us fool or we can say it is the part of their strategy.

quiz ,puzzle and riddles

Step 1

If we  Multiply   6 ×9 then it is equal to 54 but not equal to the given result 61, 

Step 2

If we add successor of 1st term to the result just obtained then it  is equal to 54+(6+1) = 61. yes it is , but is it true for  next step.

5×8=40 , adding 1st term's successor to the result just obtained i.e 6
5×8+(5+1)=40+6=46, yes it works

Now let us verify for remaining steps
4×7+(4+1) = 28+5 =33 , ok
3×6+(3+1)=18+4=22 ,  it is ok for all given results
So we have discovered the trends 
1 Multiply    both the given numbers
2 Add the successor of the 1st number to the result obtained in step 1 ,and we have our answers every time in this puzzles, 
So using the formula so discovered the required term must be  1×4+(1+1)=4+2 =6

Now the formula for this puzzle is a+b = (a×b)+(a+1)

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