Hello Friends ! Today we are going to discuss the new proposal of Central Board of School Education (CBSE) to introduce new pattern of question papers for 10th and 12th classes from 2020.

Classes 10th and 12th Question Papers Style

                   There is a big  news coming in  media regarding some changes are being planned by CBSE in the pattern of Question Papers of their board classes 10th and 12th .  The central Board of School Education ( CBSE ) has decided to introduce new pattern of  Question Papers for 10th and 12th classes as a part of revamp that would change examination  schedule for vocational  subjects , It would also be  implementing to other mains subjects.

What is the need of Change in existing Pattern

       According to the sources from the The Ministry of Human Resources and Development and some agencies , the new pattern of question papers of classes  of 10th and 12th will  not support the students who are dependent on  rote learning , it will be design to discourages such type of students .

       This pattern  would also stop students from total  blind copying of text books at home and pasting or vomiting of texts in the  examination hall in the Answer Book .

       The new pattern of question Papers of these classes would test students on their analytical skill and reasoning abilities .

           The CBSE also thinks that  its new steps  will also increase quality Education and better result of its institutions .

These are the majors changes expected in new pattern of CBSE 

              The new question papers pattern  will be design to check the analytical thinking and art of problems solving of the students in the examination.

          Annual Board exams to be completed before the 15th  of the March  and vocational  course Exams to be completed by the end of  February Every year .

                      More short answers type questions from 1 to 5 marks shall be included in the new pattern of the question paper . More emphasis would  be  on probing the critical thinking and ability of the students.

             CBSE has already submitted its proposal to reform in examination pattern to the concered Ministry for approval .
                    The proposal for examination reforms is still in discussion stage and the CBSE has started working to implement new pattern by March 2020.

Benefits  of proposed  Paper pattern 

           From the  Early completion of the Board  examination ,the examiners would have more time to evaluate  answer books of the students , which will result in early declaration  of Annual Board exams. 
            Renewed paper pattern will focus on simplifies and shorten the rules of affiliations and renewal for the school.

At Last but not the least

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