Hello Friends ,Today we are going to discuss the new proposal of CBSE to introduce two Papers of Mathematics from class 9th to Class 12th, one Easy and second Hard .

Two Papers of Mathematics for class 9th to 12th

CBSE is planning to change the pattern of Mathematics Papers for class 9th to class 12th of cbse board exams . With an aim to provide students an opportunity to avoid the label of weak or dull in the subject of the Mathematics, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE ) is planning to induct two versions for the subject of Mathematics from class 9th ,10th,11th and 12th very shortly.

The Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) ,under the new system shall have two different Mathematics Papers.

1 Easy

2 Hard

In order to help both the categories of the students , one who want to take in NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test ) ,those who are from Medical Stream can opt for Easy Paper, because Hard Paper Of Mathematics will not help them much while cracking NEET Exam. While Easy Paper is not going to help for those applicants who are going to appear in JEE { Joint Entrance Examination} Main And Advance, for Those aspirants Definitely Hard one Paper of Mathematics going to help more .

Condition before implementation

The Subject Experts is drafting such proposal and once it is approved by The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE ) internally , then it will be sent to both National Council of Research and Training ( NCERT) and (UGC) University Grant Commission for necessary approval.As in order to implement such proposal the approval of both the NCERT And UGC are compulsory.

Who will  be Benefited

This could be the right way to opt whether a student go for Easy or Hard Paper , because those students who are comparatively weak in Maths or have no interest in Maths will definitely opt for Easy Paper and can devote their maximum time in the subject of their interest. And for those who have lots of Interest in Mathematics or those who wants to make Mathematics as their source of income or livelihood can opt to join Hard Paper. Because this could Make their Foundation Strong from very beginning.

There will be so many opinions against this proposal, as they may say that this is not the proper stage /right way to combat the fear factor among students on the subject choosing Easy or Hard .


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